Fairway View Neighborhoods

About the Care Center

Ortonville Area Health Services and Fairway View Senior Communities are excited about Fairway View Neighborhoods the brand new, 51 bed, care center. The Fairway View Neighborhoods feature three, 17-bed neighborhoods each with its own dining room and kitchen. The Neighborhood Model care centers adopt a person-centered approach that shapes the physical environment, organizational structure, and interpersonal relationships in ways that create an atmosphere of genuine home while providing elders with clear opportunities to direct their own lives.

Floor Plans

Private Room

Semi-Private Room

Frequently Asked Questions

When will we move in?

We are on schedule to move in by January 31st, 2017.

Will we know only a few days in advance of when we will move to the new facility?

We believe we can give a week or more notice of when the final move will take place for the Residents from Northridge to their Neighborhood. It is our hope that Residents or Family and Friends may be able to move some non-essential furnishings and belongings days in advance of making the final move.

Northridge has a lot of family rooms where our large family can go when we are visiting. Where can we go at the new place?

Residents and visitors will find that the Resident Rooms are more spacious then the current shared Resident Rooms. Residents and Visitors to the Resident’s neighborhood will find common space within each neighborhood that is for the intended use of only 17 Residents and not 51 or more Residents and their visitors like we have in Northridge today. Residents and Visitors may also venture outside of the neighborhood into the Town Center where they will find additional gathering space to use.

Who will move us?

It will be a combination of Northridge and OAHS Staff, Family, Friends, Volunteers and Professional Movers.

Will Northridge be providing the furniture in the new building or are we expected to bring our own things?

We will be providing a bed, linens, night stand, desk, and an armoire.

Will it be more expensive?

All of our rates are determined by the Minnesota Department of Human Services. The State of Minnesota regulates rates through the Nursing Facility Rate Equalization Law which prohibits nursing facilities from charging private pay residents rates for similar services that exceed the rate approved by the DHS for Medical Assistance (Medicaid or MA) recipients. The State of Minnesota determines our rates based on our reported costs of Northridge’s operation costs (such as building costs, food, laundry, nursing care and other operating costs) and Cost of care the individual resident needs. We know that the cost of retaining and attracting caregivers has gone up and we believe our costs associated with financing and operating our new care center may increase our costs as well.

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